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The new iOS14 will change the way we optimize our Performance Marketing for ever. But don't be afraid. We've got you covered. Track all your customers Server-Sided and use our autogenerated Lookalike Audiences to stay on top of the Performance Marketing Game.
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Install our Wordpress Plugin on your Page

We are still in BETA. So all our Tools are free to use. Install the Wordpress Plugin on your page to start.


Set up your Tracking

Dapper Tracker is optimized for Google & Facebook Serversided Tracking. Be sure to enter all credentials. You can also link your Data with G - Analytics.

Let there be magic

Dapper Tracker will start tracking all your Data straight away. Be sure to set up any Conversion Pixels according to the upcoming standards.

Auto-Generated Lookalike Audiences

Via Machine Learning Dapper Tracker generates different Lookalike Audiences automatically for your Facebook Campaigns. One-Click Download.


Just because you track on the Server Side doesn‘t mean you loose access to your favorite tools. All you ever need, right out of the Box.

Goodbye, Pixels.
Hello Dapper Tracker.

Don't cycle through dozens of templates. Your smart website is made just for you, with a unique style and design. Make quick updates and each month our team will analyze your website and make recommendations just for you.
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    Jessica Willson

  • Best of The Best

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    Adam Knows

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